Winter Bridal Style

Photo by  Calli Richards

Winter is a beautiful time of year to have your wedding. My parents got married on the winter solstice, December 21st, and a few years later I was born on the same day, forever ruining their anniversary. A lot of venues consider it their “off” season, so you can find some great deals and price reductions during the colder months. There are so many directions you can go with your bridal style, and who doesn’t love twinkle lights? It’s such a magical time of year and one I think is overlooked way too often when couples choose their wedding date.

When I think of a winter bride, I picture a contemporary ball gown, sophisticated up-do and deep red lipstick. There’s also the more whimsical bride, with soft curls and ethereal makeup. Really, whatever your personal style is, you can find the perfect way to capture it for your winter wedding.

I’m a big believer in not spending too much of your budget on your dress. Yes, it’s an incredibly special part of your wedding day, so I’m not saying to be cheap and definitely don’t get a dress you don’t like solely because of the price. You need to LOVE your dress and feel amazing in it. I just don’t see the need to spend excessively when you can find a gorgeous dress for under $2000 (which is the minimum price a lot of bridal shops start at). I found my dream dress at BHLDN for around $900 and was able to put that money towards other things. Think of the epic photographer or band or donut wall you could get with that money you saved!

Here are some of my favorite bridal dresses, shoes, and accessories for the winter season:

Photo by  Calli Richards

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Hope this helps you embody your gorgeous winter goddess self! Let me know your favorites in the comments below.